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Buenos dias Buenos Aires!

And that's that. Shred's over for summer, camp is done - for me, anyway. For the lucky 13 arriving today, there's one more week of muddied snow. No irony - despite the less than ideal snow conditions, I had an epic time. I got to ride with pros, have conversations with people with badass life stories different from my own, and take away a rude amount of free gear. In fact, I had such a banger of a fortnight, I'm already locked in for Japan in January. Says it all, surely?

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Hola! Snow life down south

Eleven days into my SASS Argentina adventure, and this might be the raddest group of people I've ever met.

First impressions upon arrival were a little startling - I had been awake thirty six hours and survived two layovers and a couple of language barrier interactions, and was greeted at SASS HQ by a house full of dudes hopped up on general life stoke. My sleep deprived brain's initial response was mild fear.

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Slack over. Next stop: Argentina

It's easy to forget that you run a blog about travel, when you haven't been anywhere seemingly worth writing about. So days turns into months and before you know it, it's been almost six since the last time you updated the content of the place you pay domain and server fees for. I admit, life gets in the way of travel sometimes, never mind writing about it.

Since getting back from Alaska, I've taken a promotion for work, moved across town for it (just to work, not to live)...and I thought that list of accomplishments would be a lot longer. Time just gets away from you it seems.

The next trip is now in mid-planning stages, but I am resolving myself to actually turn this blog into something that generates traffic even when I'm not on the go. I do live in one of the world's greatest cities after all, and people flock here on the daily to explore it. I find it difficult to believe there isn't at least one interesting thing worth writing about on that same daily basis. So I will. I solemnly swear.

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