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The $50 a day challenge, Hong Kong edition

10 May, 2017

Remember how I said it’s been an eventful time since my last post from Chile, that I moved to Hong Kong? Well, it’s actually slightly more eventful than that, since I also quit my job in the last month. Yup, I am jobless and carefree. It’s great – absolutely no sarcasm.

Turns out being a lady of leisure suits me. However, having indulged in a spur of the moment trip to Thailand, where it’s cheap but I ate (and therefore spent) way too much, and with an eye on rent for next month, means I’m having to do what I’ve never had to do before: live on a budget.

As overprivileged as that sounds, it’s because I’ve always worked – I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have a job since I was 16. So while all this freedom suits me, living without an income is going to be a challenge. Mostly eating – if the last two days have shown anything, it’s that my money is literally only spent on food.

So, I’ve given myself until the end of May to find a job, and until then, I’m giving myself a budget of $50HKD a day. Impossible you say? Yes, probably – I’ve already had to turn down two party invitations because I don’t want to be a charity case Buzz Killington – but I won’t know until I try!

Yesterday was actually a relatively okay day – I dusted off my trusty camera that hasn’t seen the light of day since last summer, and hopped on a bus to Stanley – better a week day than the weekend, when it’s probably teeming. It was actually lovely and quiet yesterday, nobody to bustle shoulder to shoulder with as I meandered through the market. And I only had to wait for one lovestruck selfie taking couple, one time, in order to get one of my shots.

I did get slightly carried away at the sight of a restaurant that has duck in every dish – Pinot Duck, in case you wondered – but total spend yesterday was $193. Oh wait, plus $45 for a salad at lunch. Balls.


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