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New buildings, old boats in Aberdeen

11 May, 2017

Day 3 of $50HKD / day budget challenge was a raging success. It was also a wildly productive day. Thanks to my old mate insomnia randomly waking me up at 4:30am, I was charged and ready to go, getting in breakfast of oats and a banana, followed by lunch of watermelon, while getting some long overdue studying in. But because I’m a pretty shit student, I got bored about a page in, and decided to go explore and shoot instead. Hence all the pictures of buildings and boats.

Aberdeen used to be the main fishing area that supplied most of Hong Kong, and is still one of the primary feed ins today. It also has a pretty promenade that was definitely not there fifty years ago. And lots of boats – old and new. Though mostly old and funky looking – sampans. Less rickety looking than I remember when I got on one when I was little to head over to the infamous floating restaurant, Jumbo.

The fishing theme continued with a jaunt down to Repulse Bay, with local, actual Chinese reading friend in tow, who was able to point out tons of culture stuff I probably wouldn’t otherwise have picked out while strolling down the beach. The Goddess of Repulse Bay – the deity who overlooks the sea, keeping an eye on the fisherman out picking up goods to feed the fams. There were also a bunch of Thai deities, which neither local mate nor myself could figure out.

Was pretty timely exploratory day too, since the Dragon Boat Festival is hitting town end of the month and I need to get my spot picked out!

Total spend for the day: $0. BOOM.

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