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22 May, 2013

It’s not often I get so excited about food I forget how to operate a camera. But that’s what happened today, while I was off to lunch in Bombay, at Dishoom in Shoreditch.

I’ve walked past the Covent Garden location more times than I can count on my way to work, and as something of a self proclaimed snob, dismissed it as one of many Central London restaurants existing solely to satisfy the whims of hungry tourists.

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Taco Wars

18 May, 2013

It’s what I imagine foodie heaven to look like: an empty lot in East London lined with flat tops ready to grill up battle worthy taco fillings in Tweat Up‘s second Taco Wars event.

And apparently even London was interested to see what the ten ‘Taco Warriors’ had in store, as it kept the rain at bay to allow the 400 ticket wielding public judging panel to bask in the sweet aromas of sizzling meats and fresh squeezed lime – among some of the more traditional items filling those homemade tacos!

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6 May, 2013

Since Burma is now Myanmar, does Mandalay now technically do Myanmarese food? Either way, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves in for when we made our way to this the restaurant SF locals rave about (at the ever reliable, Chowhound, of course).

But what is travel about, if not discovering new things? We consider ourselves fairly adventurous diners, always willing to try most things once (as long as it’s not still alive…!) and with all my research, I had failed to come across even one bad comment about Burmese cuisine, whatever it may be.

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3 May, 2013

Armed with an even more intense love for food since returning from the foodie haven of California, I dragged my family out to dinner at Sedap. Recommended, as always, by the trusty locals at Chowhound, London edition, Sedap is the brainchild of Mary Yeoh, supposedly the “most talented and famous Penang-Nyonya chef in Singapore.”

This, together with our taste for authenticity resulting from annual trips to Malaysia, made for high expectations. The menu looked promising – Penang char kway teow has always been a personal favourite, while roti prata with curry, and teh tarik (or builders’ tea as it is known locally!) get a firm nod from my dad every time.
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Ippuku – Japanese in Berkeley

21 April, 2013

Ever since leaving Japan, we’ve been on a mission to find good, authentic Japanese food, wherever our travels may take us. We were aware that we’d get luckier in some places (LA) than others (London), and that our search would be hampered by the dime a dozen sushi joints found almost everywhere. Not that sushi didn’t originate in Japan and that they don’t do it best, but there is so much more to Japanese cuisine than raw pieces of fish, no matter how well cut, seasoned and prepared it is.

For me, it has always been about the izakaya. Informal, bustling, after work pub types, serving a variety of dishes from yakitori (grilled meats and veg, on skewers) to hotpots, and anything in between.

I’d been warned that while San Francisco had something of a Far East Asian food scene, it wasn’t nearly as thriving as the one in LA. But since we had four dedicated days in the NorCal hub, and what transpired as three very unpredictable ones in Southern California, it was a good thing we decided to try out Ippuku, as recommended by the guys at Chowhound.

Honestly, by the time we arrived, we were tired and in desperate need of rejuvenation, so it will come as no surprise that the long unheard ‘irrashimase!’ caught us completely off guard as we ducked through the door, and put a smile on our faces not seen since Tokyo. It was like coming home.

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Get your wheels on in San Francisco

3 April, 2013

Word from the wiser – peddling your way around San Francisco’s 49sq miles is a great way to see it. But remember that it’s not a cruise in the park like most other major cities. Maps will deceive you in ways you can’t imagine when you suddenly find yourself face to face with a gradient you barely want to walk up, never mind peddle pushing. Needless to say, today has been a long day, what with being up at the crack of dawn to move the rental car from its precarious spot painted ‘NO PARKING’ with vague time references, to biking within an inch of our bum’s lives around San Francisco’s hills.

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Chow time! SF edition

22 March, 2013

I may have said this before, but food is a major pre-occupation of mine. Goes without saying that I should therefore invest more time than deemed normal by most people, into the meticulous planning of our eating stops in the Bay area.

With a lot of advice from the ever helpful folk at Chowhound San Francisco, I managed to put together the following itinerary for our four days in San Francisco. It was no mean feat, since the ‘best’ of anything is always very individual and there were a lot of options to choose from, SF being such a culinary hot spot. After the fact, we’ll obviously come back and update you all with our own findings! Get ready to drool!

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Bright lights, big city…

13 March, 2012

…skyscrapers and traffic, who knew one could miss the usual menaces so much? Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, as we discovered, upon our much anticipated arrival in ‘real’ Japan.

The flight from Sapporo was unnecessarily early and little sleep was had as a result. However, despite this, we managed to save ourselves more than a pretty penny for the convenience of ditching our stupidly difficult to transport, snowboard bags. Having originally decided to pay whatever was necessary for baggage storage for just over two weeks of travel around Tokyo, we then stumbled upon baggage delivery. Instead of coughing up 32,000yen total, we parted with only 3,380yen in order for our bags to be delivered to the hotel we would be spending the last week or so of March at. I’m pretty sure all people in all places would deem this a bargain.

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French cuisine…Japan style

29 December, 2011

Tonight Dylan and I decided to treat ourselves and blow the bank by dining out at local hotspot, The Barn. We’d heard good things about it and we also knew it was going to be somewhat expensive but we’re only going to be in Niseko once, and what with it being the festive season, what better time to indulge.

We were not disappointed. The food was above par on both starter and main for me, while Dylan was blown away by his first attempt at the infamous Japanese Wagyu beef. The dessert course was most certainly not a let down by any means but the first two courses were a ridiculously tough act to follow.

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